Detailed Policies & Sites Plan

(Note that this Plan was previously known as the ‘Site Specific Allocations and Policies Development Plan Document’)

The Borough Council is preparing a Detailed Policies and Sites Plan.  This Plan will identify specific sites, development boundaries, and topic based policies to provide the scale, distribution and types of growth outlined in the Council’s adopted (2011) Core Strategy.

The Council recently (July 29th  to October 4th 2013) consulted on its provisional choices (‘Preferred Options’) of sites, boundaries and policies.   This consultation is now closed.  These responses (and the consultation documents) can be viewed using the following link:  (Note that due to the volume of responses received it may take until late October for all responses to be processed and made visible.)

The Council will now reconsider its provisional choices in the light of the comments made, and undertake further work to clarify and refine potential options.

The Council anticipates it will publish its formal proposed Plan during the first half of 2014.  At this point there will be an opportunity to make comments on the Plan, which will be considered by an independent planning inspector who will examine the plan and decide whether the Borough Council may adopt it, and if so whether any revisions are required.   Subject to the outcome of this examination, the Council hopes to adopt the final Plan during the second half of 2014.